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Public Activity

Dimiter Kirov has been actively involved in supporting young Bugarian tallents in the classic forms of art: painting, music, ballet. In the past decade he has actively worked to promote the idea of a new city galery of Plovdiv where works of art masters could be collected and exhibited in a modern way.

1973 – 1975 Chair of Plovdiv’s City Council for Arts and Culture.
1968 – 1985 Member of the leadership of the Union of Bulgarian Artists (UBA).
1970 - 1976 and 1986 – 1989 Secretary on creative issues of the Plovdiv branch of UBA.
1987 Chairman of the State Fine Art Committee

On March 23, 1983 Kirov became a co-founder of a new chitalishte public library and education center at the Vazrazhdane Ethnographic Center. Since that time the municipality often consulted him on important urban planning decisions. DiKiro contributed for the preservation of the ancient town’s atmosphere.
In 1984 he was awarded the title of Honorary Citizen of Plovdiv.

Since 2000 DiKiro has been the engine behind the construction of a new gallery of contemporary art beside the Plovdiv City Art Gallery on 14 Saborna Str. The project should lead to the creation of a permanently functioning exhibition center where works of contemporary artists should be displayed naturally.

St Dimiter's Day Exhibition

St Dimiter's Day Exhibition

An exhibition devoted to St.Dimiter's Day (October 26 according to Bulgaria's Orthodox calendar) will be held at the Sredets Hall, on 17 Stamboliyski Blvd. in Sofia. The exposition, hosted by the Ministry of Culture of Bulgaria and Mrs. Roussalia Kirova, will open on October 22.