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Monumental art

During the 1960s Plovdiv became famous not only as the location of individual famous artists, but with a whole constellation of new young names. Most of them by a twist of faith had graduated from the National Arts Academy in Sofia, although not from the fine but from the monumental arts department. These were Ioan Leviev, Georgi Bozhilov, Lyuben Dimanov – who works in France for years – and of course, Dimiter Kirov. Their professor, Geogri Bogdanov, was a man with solid German cultural background. He transferred to them a new perspective onto composition, ornament and fresco imagery. Opening the press pages from that time reveals the division – they, the “black sheep”, promoting Western culture on one side, versus the Soviet art line promoters on the other. At this time they stood for their creative personality and did not give in to the clichés of socialist realism. The broad spirituality and deep creative attitude of Dimiter Kirov has not departed from monumental art: he keeps on creating new frescos or restoring his old works. (after Dr. Daniela Chulova – Markova).