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In the Steps of DiKiro: The Master's Favourites

Abstract as they are, Dimiter Kirov's art works possess an intricate connectin to reality. In a most amazing way he interprets love, triumph, pain and sorrow, captures them in the spatialities and events of real life, and recreates them on his canvases or other media. Part of the secret of this incredible artistic talant of the late master lays in his own very active, emotional, vivid engagement with life.

Strictly maintaining his position of an artist, which he perceived to be most powerful and rewarding, DiKiro was actively involved with all other aspects of life. Until his last breath he was a flamboyant public figure, struggling to secure a prominent space for quality art and culture in the turbulent political and economic landscape of Bulgaria. At the same time he remained a devoted admirer of serious art - in all fields and genres, from antiquity to modern times. In his personal life Kirov was a devoted husband to the one and only love of his life Roussalia, a benevolent friend to the people he trusted and admired, and a bitter rival and enemy to the ones he disliked.

This section is devoted to Dimiter Kirov's most natural social environment, second only to his working studio perhaps: the pubs, restaurants, taverns and cafes of Plovdiv and Paris. These were the places where DiKiro's connection to real life took place most frequently.