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In Memoriam

In Memoriam

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In Memory of Dimiter Kirov

Bulgaria's President: Formal Letter

Georgi Parvanov
Republic of Bulgaria

The Family and relatives of
Dimiter Kirov

October 24, 2008

With huge pain and sorrow I have received the news that after a heavy and long disease the great Bulgarian artist Dimiter Kirov has died at the age of 73.

The life of the master of the brush, the inspired and talented artist of the famous star generation of Plovdiv has extinguished. His anecdotal capacity for work and never resting spirit signed a remarkable creative root with thousands of unique paintings, born in the soul and delivered by his hand which did not let its hold of the brush until the last minute. The colours transferred from his rich palette onto thousands of canvases have inhabited the space of the public galleries and private collections around the world. He has received a row of prestigious awards, but this did not disconnect him from the holy ritual within his spiritual cell.

I deeply regret that the maestro has left this world with the pain of his non-realized dream that a modern art exhibition centre be built in Plovdiv. He sacrificed a lot of effort and energy for it during the past years. He had accesses me to this noble idea. It is our duty, in his memory, to continue this endeavour.

We are departing with a bright creator, whose presence in the cultural area has enriched the panorama of contemporary art.

I express my deep condolescences to his true companion and inspirer Rusalia and share the suffering, to his relatoves, friends and admirers for the unrecoverable loss.

A deep bow before of the bright memory of Dimiter Kirov.